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Yanni Caldas
Sound Designer based in Toronto, ON 

Hello, I'm Yanni Caldas, and I am a sound designer for video games.

I aim to enhance the player experience through storytelling, immersion, and engaging feedback through sound's creative, collaborative, and technical aspects. Considering myself a generalist with extra love for creature design, I am eager to aid wherever needed to help finish projects to their highest potential.

​My career has been an exciting endeavor. Beginning as a television and advertisement composer, I transitioned to working as an engineer at a recording studio after finishing college in 2016. After that, I freelanced as a mix engineer and producer and then worked as Audio Quality Control Lead for an audiobook production company. 

Since then, I've discovered my love for game audio and its ability to guide player emotions while constantly pushing the boundaries of interactive storytelling. Currently, I am working as a Cinematic Audio Artist at
Electronic Arts on Dragon Age: The Veilguard. Previously, I have worked on various projects as a sound designer through outsourcing studio's iGame.Audio and Studio13.

Aside from work, I enjoy making specialty coffee, cooking, and going for long walks with my partner and dog.

You can find my CV here.


Sound Design, Lua, Dialog Editing, Field Recording, Music Editing, Cinematics, Reaper, ProTools, Wwise, FMOD Studio, UE5, Unity, Surround Sound, Mac & PC, Hardware/Software, 

Perforce/Source Control, JIRA, Excel, QC


Rocket Rumble

Super Auto Pets

Isles of Yore


Sound Design, Dialog Editing, Implementation

Guild Wars 2

DLC Music Editor

The Pirate Queen

Dialog Editing, Implementation, Sound Design

Expansion Sound Design


Sound Design, Implementation

Dragon Age: The Veilguard

Cinematic Sound Design, Implementation

Cinematic & Gameplay Sound Design, Mixing, Implementation

Creature Sound Design, Implementation

Games I am currently playing

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

Dragons Dogma 2

Another Crab's Treasure

My Favourite Sounding



Alan Wake 2

God of War (2018)

Elite Dangerous

Games I am looking forward to playing

Skate 4

Star Wars Outlaws

Frostpunk 2

Field Recording

Field recording is a deep passion of mine. Like how photographers think of photos as capturing a moment, I think of field recording as capturing a feeling. Anything from household objects, animals, vehicles, and even ambiences. Each subject has an expressive emotion that is always full of new surprises. All you have to do is listen to the world around you.

One of my favorite parts of field recording is the number of ways something can be recorded and performed. From choosing various microphone configurations, handling an object slow versus fast, or even performing a doppler effect by swinging the microphone. Pairing all this with how each project requires its unique sound signature, field recording is fundamental to telling a story through sound.

Record the world

Along with 614 other recordists from around the world, I participated in a crowdsourced sound effects library that recorded various ambiences from 6 different countries. All proceeds were donated to The Water Project. In total, we have raised more than $75,000 for 1,250 people to have access to clean, safe water! How amazing is that?!

Record the world.jpeg

Extra Content

Systemic Impact Demo

UE5 and Wwise

Sound Design Breakdown

Explosion From kitchen Objects

Sound Design Breakdown

Allosaurus - Isles of Yore

Sound Design Demo

Allosaurus - Isles of Yore

The Pro Tools 2023 Post-Audio Cookbook

PT Cookbook.jpg

Despite being a diehard Reaper user today, when I was learning audio, I was extensively trained in ProTools and used it every day for 5 years on various types of projects.

I had the pleasure of being a technical reviewer for "The ProTools 2023 Post-Audio Cookbook". All of the practical segments were thoroughly checked for clarity and accuracy. This ensured that a person at any level could have a fundamental understanding of post-production audio and various workflows as they were reading.


The title can be found at this link.

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