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1 Hour Sound Design Challenge - Dragons



Time of day:



Dragon animation from Bioware

Notes: This was incredibly fun to do. The goal was to design how the dragon would sound within an hour. at first I thought there was no way I could get anything done within an hour. Usually, I have a whole phase of writing out ideas, emotions to capture, and a general vibe for the creature. But with just an hour, I went straight for my "creature" folder of my SFX library and began browsing through sounds and throwing in layers that I thought could work. The foundation layer was a baby elephant squealing, which led to the inspiration to use cellophane, and metal scrapes to create the main "shriek" of the dragon.

Once the main roar was fleshed out, then it came to add personality to it by adding bookends to the head and tail of the roar. Doing this adds so much extra character and texture to the dragon. After adding in some breaths and groans, time was up and this was the final result. I hope everyone enjoys it.

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