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Field Recording - Algonquin Forest Ambience



Time of day:



Forest With Near Beach


Algonquin Park

Notes: Recently I had taking a camping trip to Cannisby lake at Algonquin Park. Immediately upon arrival, I noticed how quiet it was there and how still but alive the environment sounded. On my final day of the trip, I had decided to capture what the experience was like, originally it was planned to be recorded from a canoe in the middle of the lake but sound carries across the water much better than I had anticipated. Nearby, there was a small public beach where kids would often go and play and from inside the forest, it added a very eerie element of horror to the natural stillness of the forest.

About 2km from the shoreline and nearby a chipmunk den, I had placed my UŚi Pro's about 1ft off the ground in a spaced A/B configuration and hit recording. From the sound of the distant children screams to the nearby chipmunk calls, this recording turned into a very eerie ambience that would be an excellent element to add to the next post-apocalyptic project I work on.

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