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Keeping Productive and Managing multiple tasks

This one isn't really a cool tip or showing a recording but instead a little monologue on keeping organized and tracking things that must be done. Everyone these days has a katrillion tasks being assigned to them in both their work and personal life. Tools like Jira are great for team collaboration and general "this should be worked on" but what about managing what you will be doing that day? Or even how long it actually takes for you to complete your tasks?

An option that I found that has been working wonders for me is TickTick. This is not at all endorsed and is me sharing how I've been able to keep focussed and better time manage myself. This app is basically an overhauled To-Do list that lets you assign tasks to specific days/times, sync with an existing calendar and turn events into tasks, quickly assign tasks to various lists, pomo timers, or even at a quick glance move a task to the next day or week.

The Pomo timer is something that as a contractor has been crucial for tracking how long it takes to complete a task while also remaining me every 25 or so minutes to take a break. This info could later be used for future pitches to accurately provide a time estimation. It's a fantastic tool that has been helping me keep organized in both my work and personal life and I highly recommend it to others as something that can be used to help better manage everything that has to be done.

I hope others find this useful or semi-inspiring in getting yourself organized.

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