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Field Recording - Roomtone Clocks



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Antique Small Clock in a room


Home Studio

Notes: Suddenly today there was a power outage, thinking it would only last a few minutes (it ended up being 4 hours) I decided that the best way to make use of my time was to record this old wall clock I had in the living room for quite some time but never got around to recording. Hearing that there was still a fair amount of traffic noise outside, I decided to move the little clock over to the studio and record it in the booth. Luckily, I had charged my batteries after the last recording session so the recorder was all ready to go. Using a pocket flashlight I keep in my record bag, I set up my USI Pros on a stereo bar and placed them low on the floor about 3 feet in front of the clock. Admittedly, I could have centered the clock more after listening back but this can definitely be used to liven up an environment.

To my surprise, the clock was nowhere near as consistent as I thought it was. It had quiet moments, loud moments, more clacky moments, etc. It was quite the expressive clock and I had no idea the house had not completely quieted down (makes me wonder if ANY clocks are as consistent as they are in media). I learned sometimes the best thing I can do is listen, really listen to each element in an environment, and appreciate what it has to offer.

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