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Streamdeck and Wwise

Recently, for a new project I have the privilege of working on, I am finally getting the chance to use Wwise for the implementation. All my other projects were done with native unity Audio, and this was a very exciting endeavor. However, I am not as fast with Wwise as I would like so I figured I should put my nifty Streamdeck to use and began mapping out some common keystrokes that I would have difficulty remembering.

This profile will be available below.

I organized the profile so that anyone can use it, whether you have 32 or 6 buttons. It is split into a few folders:

- Misc

- View

- Create Actor

- Various 1 off functions such as toggle collapse container, commit changes (source control), Generate sound banks, start capture, and follow capture.


This folder is where I put common actions but didn't have an overall theme to them. Some of these actions include: open in editor, open in explorer, back rename, check out (source control), and open blend track editor.


This folder just has keystrokes to navigate Wwise and view its various windows. These are things like soundcaster, Mixer, Designer, Profiler, and soundbank.

Create Actor

This will arguably be the most used folder in the profile. Each of these commands create a child to whichever parent you have selected in the designer window. these commands include Blend container, switch container, sequence container, random container, and actor mixer.

All and all, I hope people find this profile useful. Whether it is for the workflow or the cool looking icons (thanks Ashton Fayendo!) There are some bugs when loading profiles where commands have to be remapped on different operating systems but please let me know if you have any questions.

YC _ Wwise Profile.streamDeckProfile
Download ZIP • 1.06MB

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